Tuesday, 10 March 2009

This is why I don't like Mines

I'll wait a second while everyone absorbs that screen shot. Just click it and look at it in full size. still waiting... You got it? So yeah, that's a game of Mines (that's minesweeper if you use windows) that I just finished. 99 mines, time is 5:12. That's pretty awesome. Except that I messed up on the last mine. Those who are familiar with Mines will see, though, that the square I picked is equally as valid as the other one. I did not lose due to a logic error, but merely because I was forced to guess.

And that just bothers me. I like Mines because it is a simple logic game that does not take much mind power to solve but does require some thinking. The problem with it is that most of the games I play end up requiring some guessing to finish. This is frustrating. One guess reduces your chances of winning to a mere 5o percent, due to no fault on your part.

Which makes me wonder, is it possible to generate minefields which are ensured to be solvable without guessing? How expensive is that?

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