Monday, 12 May 2008

Back from vacation

I probably should have mentioned it somehow, right. I really meant to I swear. But I got mixed up in all the preparations. So, I've just come back from two weeks of vacation in Florida. It was really awesome. And no, we did not visit Disney. We visited Sea World, which is like, so a totally different thing. It has only ONE roller coaster, you know! And we only did it one day. It's 'educational'.

Yeah, anyway, we had a lot of fun. I fed a squirrel my apple in the park, which is something I've never done before. And I saw alligators in the Everglades, and dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. It was pretty amazing, we were just sitting at the beach and suddenly we saw them drifting along the coast. I also tried to catch a salamander with my hands. I caught one by the tail once, then had only the tail in my hands moments later. It was still twisting in my hand.

One of the things that amazed us all is the amount of space there is in America. Three lane roads are common, a patch of grass separates the road from buildings, parking lots everywhere, huge stores that sell everything... It's so radically different from Europe's cramped streets. I guess it is because of the difference in how the cities developed. I think I prefer our cities. It's busier here, people on bicycles, walking on the sidewalks, nice small stores... If I want to see a movie, I just grab my bicycle and 40 minutes later I'm at the theater. Or I could take public transport. You can't really do that in the US. Of course, you're allowed to drive a car when your 16 instead of 18, but still...

I'll try to get you some of my pictures as soon as I can. We're not really picture-taking people and we tend to forget the camera a lot, but we should have some.

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