Monday, 19 May 2008

Crystal ball says it may be Wisconsin

Just before I got on vacation, I received a strange email from a Korean dude who is apparently from North Central Tech. As if that wasn't enough, he spoke to me about how excited he was I was coming to the same college as him, and how he wanted to meet me. The English was lacking in quality, littered with '^__^' symbols and the like, but the message was clear. He was convinced I was going to NTC, and he was excited about it. He was also a YFU exchanger.

Now I was quite surprised a Korean dude was emailing me, but even more surprised he knew where I was going before I did. I always assumed, that if the YFU had found suitable host parents, I would here it from them, not from a random student. I was, quite reasonably, a little wary of this excited stranger. However, he seems to know a considerable amount of details about me, such as the classes I will follow, and (not unimportant) my name and email address. So, while I remain cautious, I have drawn the conclusion that I will most likely go to North Central Technical College, Wausau, Wisconsin.

So, way up north, in a small town. It's not like the Florida vacation I just had. I did, however, indicate my hobby of ice skating (the going fast kind, not the dancing kind, mind you). And I expressed my wishes to continue pursueing this hobby in America. I stand by that wish now, and I'm on the whole content with my destination.

Of course, perhaps this was all a mistake of epic proportions, and Korean dude was never meant to email me. I don't know for certain, since I still haven't received word from the YFU about my destination. I will have to wait and see. But my crystal ball says it may be Wisconsin.

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