Monday, 26 May 2008

Brushing up on history

I just discovered phrack, and I find it endlessly fascinating to read up on old issues. Especially the phreak world news is really awesome. I don't understand half of what they're saying, but still all stories about old hacker groups and phone phreaks are enthralling. Just now I'm reading issue 3, and I quote:
Finally, after several months of promises, Brainstorm (ELITE)
now has a 10 Meg Hard-drive
To me, the idea of a 10 Meg hdd by itself is hilarious. But a group of people actually using it together is almost incomprehensible, despite the knowledge of 'ye olde days' I already have.

Other highlights are philes (articles) on how to make different types of bombs and pipe guns, in-depth information on long lost and obscure PDP-11 system variants, and informative articles on picking locks, tapping phones, and electrifying school lockers.
Issue 3 was released in 1986. So this all happened a bit more than twenty years ago, when internet barely existed. I'm looking forward to slightly more recent articles that I can actually relate to, but these old articles are fun purely for historic reasons.

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