Monday, 24 March 2008

Huge block tower

So, while I was browsing through our archives looking for a passable photo to use in my blogger profile, I came across this gem that my brother and sister built last Christmas.

That is one freakin' huge block tower right there. It's not that clear in the picture, but it goes right up to the ceiling. I asked my sister about the exact length, but she couldn't remember anymore. She did, however, remember that there was only about two centimeters left between the ceiling and the top of the tower. Going by the height of our ceiling, that would make the tower about 2.40 m high!

I never actually saw the real thing, since I was not home that morning. My sister told me it took the entire morning to build, and it never fell down once. The biggest problem was breaking it down without damaging the wooden floor. They eventually just put all the cushions they had around it, and then threw a ball at the bottom. My sister told me it went down like the twin towers.

As an aside, I found a somewhat passable picture for my profile as well, and uploaded that. So go ahead and make jokes about how I look.

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