Friday, 28 March 2008

School ending

Spring is coming up, and with that come also what I believe you might informally call finals in American (like midterms, but at the end, right?). What I mean to say is, exams are coming up. There's about half a dozen of them next week (the 'school' part), and than the actual, official ones that make up 50% of your end grade are in may. That's pretty damn soon.

I was basically coasting along this last year, enjoying the ride, looking at the scenery, and then bam! Exams come up and you end up in this whirlwind of teachers trying to complete the course in time (apparently our Latin teacher will need to schedule some extra classes to get it done), having to suddenly know all sorts of stuff (how the hell do you calculate the mass of a certain gas, given temperature, pressure and the amount of mole?), and official lectures by dusty professors (seriously, respect to them. They know. A lot). The year that started so relaxed ends in tons of worries.

I must confess, though, I'm still pretty relaxed most of the time. The hardest part (oral exams) are already behind me, and I passed those (albeit barely). Chemistry and English are a breeze for me, so the real hard stuff is in math, physics and Latin. That's mostly managable. So like I said, most of the time I'm relaxed. It's just these evenings on the couch when I sigh, and my mom says "Only a month left, Hugo," and I just think "damn, just a month? That soon?"

I guess I've had mostly good grades for the past five or six years though (those passed pretty fast as well by the way), so I should be ok. It's about time school ended anyway. It's been dragging on like this for a few months now. And I'm really excited about the exchange.

P.S.: (volume * pressure) / temp = mole * gas constant
one formula down, tons of others to go.

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