Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Passed the test

As part of the procedures that need to be followed in an exchange such as this, I took the CELT test last week (that's Comprehensive English Language Test. check it out here). I can assure anyone else who needs to take this test for some reason, it is almost too easy. I was told that no one in YFU had ever seen someone fail the test, ever. Me? I scored 296 out of 300. If you want to know, the required amount of points to pass the test is 160. With that behind me, I have now been definitively accepted into the YFU exchange program.

Now is also an appropriate time to address a few questions I have been asked regularly by friends and family. First and foremost, when I will be leaving. I don't have an exact date of departure, but the website tells me we leave somewhere near the first week of August. Secondly, where exactly will I be going? Unfortunately, I don't know yet. Allow me to explain.

The procedure I mentioned earlier involves filling out a whole bunch of forms (more like a whole book. It is really a lot), which together form a comprehensive profile of yours truly. The YFU then sets out and compares this with forms filled out by potential host families, and tries to find a good match. The forms include a lot of information, like health status, personality, likes and dislikes, teacher evaluations, the list is endless.

What I'm trying to explain, is that YFU will need some time to find a proper host family for me, someplace where I can fit in. That doesn't happen overnight, and these families are all over the states. So, until they find a host family, I won't know where I'm going to end up. It could be anything from Hawaii to Utah.

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