Monday, 24 March 2008

I declare the blogs opened!

Alright everybody, welcome to the official (well, sort of) opening of my going USA blog. Allow me to explain a few simple things:

This august I will go to America for a full year. This is organized by an international exchange organization called the YFU (Youth for Understanding, I believe. Don't ask me were they got the name). I will live for a year in a host family, and also go to a community college.
I thought it would be fun for friends and family if I set up a blog where I can talk about my experiences as an exchange student.

That should do it for the introduction. I also have a few short yet important notes for everyone:
  • As exercise, I have decided that I will always post in the English language. I believe the internet has made me fluent enough, but it can never hurt to practice some more.
  • The layout is a boring default template for the moment, sorry for that. I'll color it up with nice American flags and such in due time, don't worry
  • Since I will most likely take a computer science course for my college year, and I have a great interest in programming, Linux, and other things computer related, I will post about these subjects regularly. Apologies for family and friends more interested in my other experiences. My posts will be properly labeled, so sort the interesting stuff out yourself.
  • Like I said, the blog is foremost for friends and family. Anyone else is of course welcome, should they find my incoherent rambling amusing, but I don't expect many of you right now.
That's all for the moment. I will follow up with some more detail about the exchange soon. Now to get the word out this blog is starting.

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