Sunday, 13 April 2008

Happy Birthday Simone

Today (well yesterday technically) is my sisters fifteenth birthday, so let's sing everyone. The real party starts tomorrow, so there's lots more fun to come! Happy birthday, Simone.

I also bought Mario Kart Wii today. I've been playing it all day, and I really do love it. The steering wheel is awesome (an awesome piece of plastic, how about that) and the online capabilities should really up the replay value. The rankings particularly sound pretty awesome to me. The competitions should also be pretty cool when they start coming. This game is a solid buy if you ask me (I advise you don't, though. I'm not unbiased at all).

I fixed the bug that made my library crash under windows. It turns out I was accidentally blitting an image onto itself, which under linux is perfectly fine, but windows starts complaining and segfaults for some reason. Either way, it is fixed now. Updated versions should be coming out soon.

Before I leave, I will give you this fine piece of advice: Don't ever try chinese rice wine. It's a warm alcoholic beverage that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike wine. It's also not at all tasty. So don't drink it. And consider yourselves lucky, because I had to find this out the hard way.

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