Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Second Test Day

Today was my second day of tests. Two tests were on schedule, chemistry and Latin. Chemistry went so incredibly easy it was almost a joke. I was a little worried about chemistry, because I really could not afford to fail the test. Not because of my marks, but because of my honor.

You see, I've always been quite good at chemistry. It's a shame I'm not really that interested in it, because I have some talent for it. Unfortunately, my teacher deems it necessary to explain subjects in such detail that I understand the problem within five minutes. The rest of the forty minutes of that class is then spent half asleep, or chatting with the guy next to me.

I do understand that for most people, chemistry doesn't come quite as easy. But after asking around in class, I have confirmed that almost everyone shares my opinion. The teacher simply doesn't get that the whole class understands the subject already and gets bored. He insists that we stay focused on the practice exercises he makes for us, and threatens to note anyone who doesn't pay attention as absent (too much absence can have serious repercussions).

You can imagine I was not altogether content in that class. Then, a few weeks ago, our teacher, in another one of his rants, said that either we should pay attention or leave the class forever. He was even nice enough not to note us absent, should we decide to leave. I saw my chance. I just raised my hand and said "I would like to leave, actually." He stared at me confused for just a moment, then managed a nod. He mumbled something like "talk to me after class." I nodded back, gathered my stuff and left, and that was that. I went back at the end of that class to talk to him for a bit. He had snapped out of his confusion and asked me if I was sure. He mentioned there were still a few subjects left to cover, which I would have to catch up with by myself. I said this would be no problem. I could see he didn't believe a single word of it.

So now, I had effectively dropped chemistry, except for the exams. I had a great time, doing all sorts of useful stuff in the hours others were hearing about boring amino acids. It was a wonderful decision. The only problem, of course, was that I couldn't fail the test without having to admit I needed the classes after all, so I was a bit worried about that.

In the end, though, that was all for nothing. I caught up with the amino acids the day before the test in about fifteen minutes, and the actual test was a walk in the park. My honor is saved, and life is wonderful. I have recommended my classmates they do the same thing and ditch class. No one has yet, but that may be the better option for them anyway.

If you wanted to know about Latin, it went fine. It wasn't quite as easy, but doable.

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