Friday, 11 April 2008

Not Much Going On

Excuse me for not posting everyday. It's not because I forget this blog or something, there's just not enough going on to be talking about at the moment. I'm taking a break programming games right now. I'll get back on that eventually though, don't worry. School results are in, and there's not much exchange related stuff happening right now. That doesn't leave a lot of stuff to blog about.
I have a couple of unrelated small things going on that don't really warrant a blog post on their own, so I'm just rolling that in one big thing.

I started typing with ten fingers. It's something I always thought would be pretty cool to be able to do, and it would really speed up my typing. I downloaded KTouch and the full text of the GPL v3, and just started practicing. My current speed is about 215 characters per minute, or 35 words per minute. I've also noticed that programming this way is not very efficient, since you need all the hard to reach keys like '(' or '*' a lot more than in ordinary texts, which slows you down considerably.

I downloaded pygame 1.8 and tried it on my machine. It works perfectly. I have had complaints of a 'Runtime Error' when attempting to run my library example, but since that is as much detail as I have, and I can't reproduce the error no my machine, I'm not pursuing the bug any further. Anyone has any further problems and can give me details, please let me know. I also started doing the python challenge. It's a fun challenge for those not quite mathematical enough to like the euler project. There's a lot more use of the standard library going on there. I'm currently on level 10.

The YFU called my parents, and they're going to look over files from possible candidates to come over here while I'm gone. I'm imagining them sitting in the living room, YFU lady with a big catalog in her hands, my parents looking at some chinese guy. Then the lady says 'I also have this Fin. I think he'd be a great fit for you.' It's got a sort of slave market feeling to it, doesn't it? It'll probably a lot different than this scene, though. I sure hope so. For the Fin's sake.

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